Pumpkin Carving


Did you know ... The original Jack-O'-Lanterns were carved from turnips, potatoes or beets? 
Ancient Celtic cultures in Ireland carved these vegetables on All Hallow's Eve, and placed an ember in them to ward off evil spirits.  Pumpkins did not exist in Ireland!
The tradition of carving pumpkins into Jack-O'-Lanterns was brought to America by the Irish.  

Pumpkins carved with various designs are a great way to get into the Halloween spirit.  In the North, the weather is cooler and pumpkins are easier to keep outside. 

Here are some tips for Florida residents on how to preserve a carved pumpkin ....
Remove dirt:  Wipe the exterior surfaces of the pumpkin clean using a damp cloth.  Make a bleach solution of 1 T. of Clorox bleach per quart of water and put it in a spray bottle. 
Spray the pumpkin inside and all cut areas of the pumpkin with the solution.  The pumpkin should last 5 to 10 days.

The best storage temperature for pumpkins ranges between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Jack O Lantern